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Our main mission here on Ceramic centre is to inspire you, to give you ideas and make your home a better place to live. On Ceramic centre you can find all kind of stuff that will inspire you, like : beautiful pieces of items inspire and provide you new and fresh ideas for your home, latest home architecture news, home gadgets, tips and tricks for improving your home, etc.

Located in Sankaraiyya Road near West Fort, the heart of Thrissur, your date with style begins the moment you step in. Inside, a wonderland of living and work places have been designed so that you can check out how the sanitary ware will look in its final place. Move through a chic bedroom to a thrilling hall to a dream office to great modular kitchens and living halls, bathrooms and so on.

Sanitary Ware & Accessories

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Ceramic Centre
Sankarayya Road,
West Fort, Thrissur
Ceramic Centre
Opp Clay House,
NH, Muringoor, Chalakkudy

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E-mail: varghese.ceramiccentre@yahoo.com